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Layover Life: 1 hour in Iceland’s Blue Lagoon – Eco-Flight Attendant

Layover Life: 1 hour in Iceland’s Blue Lagoon

Recently I got a “move-up” off a nasty redeye to work a trip to Iceland! I had taken a trip last summer with Chris where we did our own version of the “Golden Circle” tour. It was amazing, but that meant that The Blue Lagoon was still on my bucket list. Was it worth it? I say Yes.

Ok, so getting tickets to the Blue Lagoon is kind of difficult. When I initially checked the day before they were completely sold out. When I arrived at the hotel around 10:30am they had one spot left at 10pm. The lagoon closed at 11pm, so that gave me only an hour. But I wasn’t sure when I’d ever be back to Iceland so I figured to just go for it!

Grayline Iceland gives 25% off to airline crew members. They pick you up and drop you off right at the hotel, so that made things easy. It’s about 45 min away, closer to the airport. The hotel made the transportation reservation and I paid after Grayline picked me up.

The Blue Lagoon itself was stunning. We arrived 15 minutes early so it was nice to get my locker set up and shower (which is required before and after you take a dip in the lagoon) in order to enjoy my full hour in the steamy picturesque water.

I stepped outside to pretty chilly temps, especially after being wet from the shower, which motivated me to quickly jump in the Lagoon. I relaxed, took some pictures, put on a silica mud mask (included with the ticket), and enjoyed the golden light of the never-setting sun. Many groups were chatting over cocktails, which made me a little envious as I has to abide by the airline 8-hour no drinking rule. But I was more than content reveling in the beauty of such a unique place. I had read that the minerals in the water damages hair, but honestly I didn’t want to have to worry about keeping mine dry, so I say just dunk it and worry about it later! It’s all about living in the moment. (However, will give credit to Aveda’s hair mask, which helped my hair get right back to normal once I got home)

Before heading back inside to change, I made sure to stop in the sauna, located in one of the cool caves you can explore here. Inside I met a couple from Boston who had rented a car and camped around the whole island. Talk about #goals.

The bus back left promptly at 11pm and made quite a few stops on the return trip. I was so relaxed after the Lagoon that I didn’t mind one bit. By the time I got back it was after midnight, but luckily I took a long nap earlier to prepare for my late-night adventure. After rinsing my bathing suit, popping a melatonin (a flight attendant necessity, amongst a few other items), I soared into dreamland feeling pretty damn lucky to have this job.


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