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We finally set a date! – Eco-Flight Attendant

We finally set a date!

I never thought the day would come! Chris and I have been engaged since September 2016 (in the beautiful Banff!). Between his hectic schedule during Pararescue training and my commitment to cheering, it’s been close to impossible for us to figure out a great time to get married. We waited for the NFL schedule to come out on Thursday and we were elated to find that the week we were hoping for (at the venue we wanted) was a bye for the Vikings! Chris is still unsure about how much time he will get off for the wedding. As of now he believes he will be in the middle of Paramedic training at Kirtland Air Force Base in New Mexico. Right now he is in the middle of dive school at Panama City Beach. He has a lot of leave saved up already, but we will have to wait until he’s off to Kirtland before he can get a final approval. Let me just say, wedding insurance is going to be a godsend in giving me piece of mind in case the worse happens and we have to postpone. Fingers crossed it’ll all work out. Cheers to 11-4-17!


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