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What’s in my bag? Flight Attendant Essentials for any traveller – Eco-Flight Attendant

What’s in my bag? Flight Attendant Essentials for any traveller

As a flight attendant, I always have a bag packed at all times. It’s sometimes tough to keep track of everything I need to pack and repack, so I’ve finally accepted that certain items just need to be kept in my suitcase so I’ll always have them with me. Here’s a few items that I simply can’t leave home without! Some things might seem obvious, but others might surprise you!

  1. Travel yoga mat– This has been a game-changer for me. Sometimes hotel gyms have odd hours & a towel just doesn’t do the trick. Whether I want to do yoga, meditate or stretch, this mat comes in handy for just about everything. The best part is that it folds up so small and is super light weight!
  2. Melatonin– Between traveling through multiple time zones in a day, jet lag seems to always catch up with me. When I have an early pick-up and I know that it’ll be hard for me to sleep, I’ll take one to help me fall asleep in order to make that 5am shuttle to the airport.
  3. Fuzzy socks– Ok, this one is random, but am I the only person that hates walking on hotel room carpet barefoot? I always feel like there is a slight stickiness to them. Hence, fuzzy socks are the perfect thing to keep my feet clean and cozy!
  4. Bathing suit– Honestly, even if you think you are going to Boise, Idaho, you might end up on the beaches of Florida (this only happened to me once, but it was awesome). Plus it’s perfect to have one on hand just in case the hotel has a jacuzzi to relax in, too.
  5. Eye drops– Airplane air is so dry! I normally wear my glasses when flying, but sometimes I forget to, so I like to have bring natural eye drops on hand. For me they are almost necessary if I’m trying to stay awake on a redeye & the snacks are no longer looking quite as appetizing.
  6. Headphones– This one is obvious, but seriously always leave a pair tucked in your suitcase. I’ve been caught a couple times without them while non-revving and made a point to never forget them again.
  7. Reusable shopping bag– Perfect for grocery shopping in another country (flight attendants are infamous for this btw). They fold up so small and are great to use for just about anything while traveling. I have a cute keychain one similar to this that I keep attached to my toiletry bag so I never forget it!

What items can you never leave home without? I’d love to hear! Share in the comments below 🙂


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